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1. The Human Resource Department shall comprehensively arrange the entrance index and time according to the manpower demand schedule of the departments, determine the training time according to the scale of new comers and draw up the specific training scheme, and fill in the Off-job training plan of new employees and submit the same to the human resource center and relevant departments;

2. The Human Resource Department shall be responsible for coordinating with the relevant departments, and make the organization and management of the whole training process, including the request for appropriation, personnel coordination and organization, site arrangement, course adjustment and schedule promotion, monitoring guarantee of training quality, examination and evaluation of training result, etc.

3. The Human Resource Department shall carry out the feedback survey on the students on the day of finishing each training, fill in the Table for feedback opinions of induction training of new employees, provide the improvement reference opinion on course and instructors in 7 days according to the students' opinion, and summarize the students' feedback sheet and submit the same to the instructors for reference;

4. The instructors shall put forward the improvement project in 7 days, and fill in the Table of teachers' feedback information and submit the same to the Human Resource Department to deliberate;
5. The Human Resource Department shall submit the summary and analysis report of the training in one week after the new employees intensively finish the off-job training, and report the same to the president for review;

6. The new employees shall be distributed to the relevant departments and posts to accept the job instruction training (on-the-job training) after the end of off-job training; and the persons in charge of departments shall assign the instructors to implement the training, fill in the On-the-job training record chart of new employees when finishing the training, and report the same to the Human Resource and Knowledge Management Department;

7. The Human Resource and Knowledge Management Department shall irregularly send the specially-assigned person to carry out the tracing direction and monitoring while the new employees receive the orientation training, examine the trainees on the application of training knowledge and skills and improvement of their behaviors in the practical work through a series of observation and testing methods, and synthesize, count and analyze the influence and return brought by the training to the business growth of enterprise, so as to evaluate the training result and adjust the training strategy and training method.